SHANE ALLESSIO is a Berklee-educated bassist, guitarist, composer, educator and owner of G4 Guitar Schools, Brookline. Gigging full time for his entire adult life, music has taken Shane around the world and back again, performing and recording with some of the world's best jazz musicians as well as his own groups. Shane opened his first G4 Guitar School in St Albans, England in 2014. When he moved back to his home state of Massachusetts in 2016 G4 Brookline was born! You can check out his music at


CHRIS RAMUSIEWICZ has been giving private instruction for guitar and bass ever since graduating from the University of Massachusetts-Boston in 2012 with a BA in Music, in both group and one-on-one settings, and with students of all ages and backgrounds. Since starting out in teaching, he has grown to love the feeling of seeing a student grasp a new concept, especially if it’s been a previously frustrating issue for that person. Chris has also been an avid composer and performer, dabbling in styles from metal, pop, solo finger-style guitar, and even synthesizer heavy electronic music. He hopes to continue teaching until he physically can’t anymore. You can check out his music at and

ROEL RODRIGUEZ is a professional guitar and bass musician based in Boston, MA. While Roel devoted his youth to exploring rock- and blues-adjacent genres, he is currently expanding his horizons after receiving a Master's in jazz performance at the world-renowned Berklee College of Music. Roel lives to be an educator -- his life goal is to become a university-level music instructor -- and he has amassed over 10 years of teaching experience. From students taking their first steps into reading and playing music, to advanced students seeking to take their technique and compositional skills to the next level, Roel has helped dozens of students achieve their goals. Roel deeply understands the joys and frustrations that come with learning new techniques, and he strives to be both empathetic and progress-oriented. Roel deeply appreciates the unique journey that each student must take to achieve their goals. His curriculum is open ended and flexible, aiming to help students become stronger players in the genres of their choice. In parallel, he believes in the value of a strong music theory foundation and teaches students why their favorite genre is so compelling.