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G4 Guitar School is the premier teaching facility that offers in-person guitar lessons in Brookline, MA. Whether you like to play, blues, rock, metal, jazz, fusion, or country, G4 Guitar School has you covered. G4 Guitar School teaches guitar in a more unique way than traditional guitar schools or lessons. We teach guitar using what we call the G4 guitar method. This method is specifically designed to help players progress faster and become much more proficient in their understanding of music theory, scales, improvisation, and chord usage. It is structured around the basis of fundamentals and theory, thus allowing the student to gain a better understanding of music.

G4 Guitar School allows for one-on-one guitar lesson for students of all kinds. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate player, G4 Guitar School will help you become an all-around better musician. In-person guitar lessons are the most beneficial form of guitar lesson because it helps the student not only gain a better understanding of the lesson, but in turn allows the student to ask real-time questions and become more involved in the process. Whether you want to learn more about blues scales, blazing-fast rock guitar licks, or even tasteful jazz runs, the G4 method will help you get there! In today's day and age, with everything going digital, in-person guitar lessons will help you become the player you’ve always wanted to become.

If you have any questions regarding guitar lessons, price, and duration of lessons, please call us anytime at 617-608-3457! We are happy to introduce you to our staff of highly qualified instructors and will answer any questions you may have. In-person guitar lessons will help you go above and beyond the call of duty in your playing abilities, and we cannot wait to see where your newfound guitar skills may take you in your musical career!